Summary of Upcoming Work in Vernon Park


Work is scheduled to begin very soon in the Park. Here is an overview of what is to come. We thank our wonderful community for patience and positivity as the construction fences go up and the Park has limited access.

Details after the jump:

Vernon Park Improvement Project Overview

Partners: The Office of Councilwoman Cindy Bass, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Philadelphia Water Department

Park Improvements:
o New Pathway lighting throughout entire park. Old lights will be removed.
o Lighting of statues, Vernon House Façade
o String style lighting on pathway to Vernon House. To be installed on poles lining the path
o clean and restore three statues in the park
Volunteer Staging Area:
o Paving: Expanded paving area for PPR vehicle truck parking and turnaround
o Trash enclosure
o Bulletin Board: to be installed on shed
o Landscape Improvements
o Sitting boulders
Vernon House Parking area:
o install stone fine parking area behind Vernon House
o New playground equipment
o Adult fitness equipment
o New safety surfacing
o Rock garden and new landscaping around the playground
o Central Green area
o Picnic area
o Revised pathways

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