Please Tell Pennsylvania Senators that our Parks are Not for Sale!


The PA State legislature is considering a bill that would put acres of Pennsylvania’s parks, open spaces, trails, and other public lands at risk for quick sale by cash-strapped local governments. Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee approved House Bill 2224, the Parks for Cash Bill, which the full Senate will review early next week. If passed, the bill will go to Governor Corbett for his signature. Read about this issue in Ronnie Polaneczky’s recent column “Bill would place parks at the whim of pols.Please contact your Senator even if you have already done so– there is no limit on the number of letters you can send!

If HB 2224, The ‘Parks for Cash Bill’, Passes:

►Local governments (including Philadelphia’s) could sell parks, open spaces, and other conserved lands without court oversight.
►Parks and open spaces all over Pennsylvania would be at risk for quick sale based on political whims.
►Politicians would not have to honor the intentions of generous land donors who wished to bequeath land for public benefit. This may discourage some generous landowners from donating land for public purpose such as parks.

URGENT: Tell PA Senators to vote NO on HB 2224 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

(Click on the link above and use our automated system to find and email your PA State Senator as many times as you wish)

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